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Stardew Valley characters: All Stardew Valley... - PC Gamer.

Sam is a transgender man in all of his Diverse Stardew Valley variants and players in a heterosexual relationship with him will adopt children unless Pregnancy Role by kdau is installed. He has additional options for a beard, stubble, facial piercings, a binder, and alternate eye colours. Both modded versions of Sam were created by Airyn. Dec 17, 2017 · Stardew Valley Gift Guide: Sam Edition If you want to really impress Sam, give him any item from the universal Loves category. He also would appreciate Pizza, Cactus Fruit, Tigerseye, and Maple Bar. Sam likes Joja Cola, Eggs (Void Egg is an exception), and most of items from the Universal Likes category. Permissions and credits. Author's instructions. File credits. This author has not credited anyone else in this file. Donation Points system. This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points. Following some requests, I've made a larger Sam mod~ Though, how people expect a 400~ pound man to perform skateboarding tricks, I do not know.

Stardew Valley Sebastian: schedule, gifts, and heart events.

By Sam Loveridge published 7 July 21 All the tips and tricks you need to grow the best crops and make the most cash in Stardew Valley. (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab). Jun 15, 2022 · Relationships. Penny lives with her mother Pam, and she is friends with Sam.Penny dances with Sam at the Flower Dance if neither is dancing with the player.. She also teaches the local children, Jas, Vincent and when he moves to the mainland also Leo, at the museum a few days a week and accompanies them to the playground once in a while. Mar 25, 2022 · The Spirit's Eve festival takes place on the 27th of Fall every year. The player enters the festival by entering Pelican Town between 10:00 pm and 11:50 pm (note that at 11:50 pm it is too late to enter). When the player leaves the festival, they will be returned to The Farm at 12:00 am. The festival features a maze where the Golden Pumpkin can.


Most Stardew Valley characters have their own unique loves, but several items are beloved by all of them, romanceable or not.... Sam is a young musician who wants to start a band with his friend.

Stardew Valley Gifts guide - All the Villagers.

In Stardew Valley Sam is a skateboarding, guitar player who lives with his mother, father and little brother Vincent. For all things Sam Stardew Valley, including his favourite gifts, what Sam likes, daily schedule and secret heart events, read on. This guide will show you how to unlock them. WELCOME TO THE TEAM. 1 Willow Lane. 1 Willow Lane is the address of Jodi, Kent, Sam and Vincent. It's the house just next to Pelican Town 's southwest passage. The house just next door belongs to Haley and Emily. Initially Kent is away, and the only occupants are Jodi, Sam and Vincent. He returns at the start of the second year.

Stardew Valley Anime Mod.

In Stardew Valley, Sebastian is a rebel who lives in his parents’ basement just north of Pelican Town in the mountains.He loves videogames, comic books, and sci-fi novels, though he has been known to hide away from the world and become deeply absorbed in his hobbies. May 23, 2022 · RELATED: Stardew Valley: Rarest Events, Ranked. Like all characters in the game, though, the storytelling for Sam is great, and doing his path to mix things up can be a fun way to breathe life into your next playthrough. Sam is easy to romance in general as he is one of the only characters that is happy with you for giving him a simple Joja Cola. Nov 27, 2019 · In the new 1.4 update of Stardew Valley ConcernedApe added new Heart Events to unlock with your spouses. These Heart Events take place at 14 Hearts. To help you unlock each new Heart Event I am writing a guide for each spouse. The guide below shows you how to unlock the Sam 14 Heart Event in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley: All Marriage Candidates & What Their.

May 05, 2020 · 5. Alex ; Husband Rating 47/100. Sam is our jock bachelor within Stardew Valley. Although he is handsome, below are some things to sway your outlook on him and tell you why he isnt all that great of a choice. Ah the typical jock. Alex is introduced to us as just that, a jock with family issues.

Stardew Valley: Sam Guide - Game Rant.

Sam is the oldest son of Jodi, you can find him at their house at 1 Willow Lane. He is also one of the 5 male romance options in Stardew Valley. Birthday: Summer 17 Sam Gift Guide Here are all the. Sam é um aldeão que vive em Vila Pelicanos. Ele é um dos doze personagens disponíveis para casamento. Ele mora na parte sul da cidade, ao norte do rio Rua do Salgueiro, nº 1, inicialmente, com sua mãe Jodi e seu irmão mais novo Vincent. Sam normalmente está em sua casa praticando violão, jogando videogames ou em frente sua casa conversando com Sebastian ou andando de skate.

Sam - Stardew Valley Expanded Wiki.

Stardew Valley's Abigail is a fan-favorite for building a relationship.She is a drummer for Sam and Sebastian's band and a lively, spirited person. She often worries her mother with her antics, and enjoys exploring more than sitting in the house and being domestic.

Spirit's Eve - Stardew Valley Wiki.

Updated for 1.5. December 6, 2019: Version 1.1. Updated for 1.4. Added green jacket/yellow shirt as an option. January 31, 2019: Version 1.0.3. Fixed discoloration of Sam's flower dance outfit. Removed weird brown dots appearing over Sam's head when playing his video game. Changed default eye color to his original portrait/sprite. Relationships. Sam lives with his mother Jodi and younger brother Vincent. He and Sebastian are close friends and often spend time together. In Spring, year 2, Sam's father Kent returns and resides in the house with the rest of the family. Sam is good friends with Sebastian and the two of them are often found hanging out together. En son Margotbean en 2020-07-07 19:01:11 tarihinde düzenlenmiştir. “. “Sam is an outgoing, friendly guy who is brimming with youthful energy. He plays guitar and drums, and wants to start a band with Sebastian as soon as he has enough songs together. However, he does have a habit of starting ambitious projects and not finishing them.

Category: Characters Mods for Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Interior Design. Oct 28 2019 explore littlemisslimoss board stardew valley interior decorating for buildings on pinterest. See more ideas about stardew valley stardew valley layout farm layout. Theres a small book inside the house where players have the option to divorce their spouses for 50000g.

Sam - Stardew Valley Wiki Thai - Stardewvalley.

Dec 05, 2021 · A Note On The Calendar In Stardew Valley. Day-to-day life in Stardew Valley turns to year-to-year life, as seasons change and crops come and go. To simulate long seasons on a small scale, the game uses a 112-day year. Fall, Winter, Summer, and Spring all take up 28 days each. May 05, 2021 · 2 Harvey. Rainy Days: Salmon Dinner, Cripsy Bass, Fried Eel, Carp Surprise, Vegetable Medley. Harvey is Stardew Valley's resident doctor, and he's both intelligent and sensitive. Harvey shows. Welcome to the Stardew Valley Wiki, started for the game developed by ConcernedApe! Stardew Valley was first released on Windows in February 2016 and has seen many ports and updates since then. The player controls a custom character who takes over their grandfather's farm in Stardew Valley, at which point the player can choose their own path.

Stardew Valley Sam: Gifts, Schedule, And Heart Events.

Sam is a villager who lives in Pelican Town. He's one of the twelve characters available to marry. He lives in the southern part of town, just north of the river at 1 Willow Lane. Sam is an outgoing and energetic young man with a passion for music. He works part-time at JojaMart. Schedule. Stardew Valley >> Villagers >> Sam Here you will find the best gifts for Sam, as well as Sam's entire list of loved, liked, neutral, disliked, and hated gifts. A great way to build relationship with Sam in Stardew Valley is by giving them their favorite gifts.

Sam's Concert in Zuzu City: Stardew Valley General Discussions.

Mar 15, 2016 · Sam's Concert in Zuzu City. Okay so this morning (in-game) I got out of bed, did some stuff in my house then went outside, only to be greeted by Sam who tells me that him and his band have a show in Zuzu city tonight and to meet him at the bus stop at around 4 this afternoon. I will update Stardew Valley Anime mod progress here often in order that you guys will follow on, additionally you will have many tiny requests that I will build like adding a bit a lot of detail to the outfit…, clarification answer queries… and perhaps get many commissions LOL to live through this crazy Cov**19 season.

Stardew Valley Sam Guide | Marriage, Likes, Heart Events.

Mar 20, 2021 · One of the available marriage candidates in Stardew Valley is Sam, and he’s a pretty cool guy. Whether you’re looking to marry him or just become friends, you’ll want to give him his. May 19, 2021 · Updated May 18, 2021 by Russ Boswell: Stardew Valley is still going strong, with both official updates and player mods helping to keep the game feeling fresh and expansive. There are tons of helpful add-ons that can enhance gameplay and there are tons of quality-of-life tweaks to make farming and interacting with NPCs a much better experience..

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